Everything a job searching software developer needs to know
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You're a software developer and you need a new job.

The term “need" here is flexible. Maybe you've had the rug pulled out from under you, and you need a new job now. Maybe you're having a hard time finding the motivation to get up and go to work every morning. Maybe you want a promotion and are stuck in a certain role at your current job. Or, maybe you just want to see what's out there.

No matter your degree of urgency, job searching is a monumental task. Lucky for you, we've compiled this handy list of resources that combines our research with experience from our staff of former recruiters to give you a hand at each stage of your discernment process. Take this list with you from search to offer negotiation so you don't have to feel like you're going through your search alone. We're with you on this. Let's find your next dream job together.

Ticking Clock? Make the Most out of Your Time

Job Searching

In Singapore, you get 30 days - 30 days from the time your employment visa is cancelled to find something else before you have to leave. Working abroad is always a hassle and only increases stress when something goes wrong at work. This developer, however, was able to lock her new position down in under three weeks. She used her time wisely - and with a little strategy on your part, you can too.

Productive Networking

Networking can help you grow your circle of trusted colleagues and peers, but dev and tech events almost always have a recruiter in the room. Your next job opportunity, freelance gig, or job connection can be sitting right next to you, but you do have to navigate a room full of people who you may or may not have met before. Here's how to zero in on the best opportunities at a networking event - and some tips to get over nervousness if you're not as much of a people person.

Whip Your LinkedIn into Shape

Is private mode better or worse? Should you only add people to your network whom you've met before? How can you use LinkedIn's content platform to brand yourself and gain reach in your community? Straight from LinkedIn headquarters itself - here are nine ways you can spruce up your LinkedIn profile to get the most out of your network and appear closer to the top of search lists for future employers.

The CV Scan

A job search usually begins with the realization that you need to get your CV and other paperwork updated and in order. If you haven't job hunted in a while or are perhaps wondering if you can design your CV to catch the eye of the person reading it, this resource is for you.

Remember, your CV is not the only one in the pile, most times. You get anywhere from 45 seconds to three minutes to make an impression, so use this advice to give yourself the best advantage when it comes to passing a quick read.

The Phone Interview

A phone interview is a little less nerve-wracking than an interview in person, but there's still plenty that can go wrong - and the person on the other end doesn't have the advantage of being able to match your voice with your facial expressions. There are three parts to a successful phone interview - prep before the call, the call itself, and the post-call follow-up. These 11 tips will get you through all three parts of that call and help you feel more confident when you approach your next interview over the phone.

Offer Negotiation and Interview Process

Job Searching

Offer negotiation sounds like it's something that comes into play when the offer is already on the table in front of you. However, the set-up work for that offer begins from your first point of contact when interviewing for the position, to the point that 90 percent of your negotiation is already finished when the package is in front of you. This will take you through the long game and tell you when to ask what questions. (Also, if you are looking for some help in that last 10 percent of the race, we'll let you know how much you can push when you get to that point.)

What to Do with a Counteroffer

Counteroffers are a bad idea and tend not to solve your problems. Don't believe it? Here's the case. Learn how to colloquially break up with your boss and make it to where a counteroffer is never an option in the first place.

If you do end up facing down a counteroffer, however - even despite your best intentions - we'll teach you how to save face on both ends and leave the situation gracefully. If you seriously want to consider the counteroffer, make sure to take yourself through the attached list of questions to make sure that this is what you really want.

Passive Search Like a Pro

Fortunately, not all of us feel forced to leave our jobs and look for another position right now. But keep in mind that fortune favors the bold - and the savvy. Things move fast in the tech economy, but you don't necessarily have to run the hamster wheel all the time if you know how to think smart about your role in your industry. Set a few things up with mimimal maintenance, and you've opened the door wide open for the next dream job opportunity to come your way.

Passive job searching is all about keeping an eye out for the best positions all from the comfort of your day job. Following five steps can set you on track to further your career with comfortable time for interviewing, notice periods, and any other changes you have to set into play.

We're 100offer, and we're in your corner. If you're ready to move jobs or have been contemplating a move, sign up to our platform and have a chat with our talent consultant. We have positions at companies like Garena ready for someone with your skillset. Sign up and let tech companies apply to you today.


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