The Winner’s Playbook to the Interview Follow Up
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interview follow up

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You've made it! You've exercised great interviewing skills and made it out of your job interview. Good, bad, or somewhere in-between, your work is over.

Or - it could be over. There's still a little room for you to get a leg up on securing your next job, and it all lies in the follow through.

Following through on your shot can make the difference between winning and losing a basketball game. It's kind of the same with the interview follow up. via GIPHY

If you're the kind of person who's never excelled at writing thank you notes or are at a loss of how to approach the subject of your employment with your past interviewer, this article is for you.

Thank the interviewer - on the day of the interview

For those of you who still make phone calls (I know there are dwindling numbers of us), you know that you don't necessarily begin a conversation with what you're about to say. You open things up by saying, “Hello?" or something else. That's what you're doing when you thank the interviewer for their time during your job interview.

Luckily, this is something that comes second nature to a lot of people, who are used to thanking people and bidding them farewell at the end of conversations. But do put some thought into doing it during your interview, as you have some space here to add things on. Tell the interviewer that he or she may call you with additional questions or follow-up, and say that you look forward to hearing from them. It doesn't guarantee you'll get a quick call back (or a call at all), but it leaves communication open between the two of you.

You can also send an email that say something along the same lines.

Show your commitment

There's no exact science to the time for this - a few days works, give or take, unless the interviewer gave you a date by which you'll be notified. In that case, if the date comes and goes with no word, feel free to check back up on the status of your pending application.

You have two objectives here: show your interest in the opportunity (and that it continues) and to know how well you did. Whether you come out and say both of these in your interview follow up is up to your discretion. You can soften it a little if you'd like (“I'm calling/writing to follow up on my interview and know the status of my application. Feel free to let me know at your earliest convenience.").

If you're using a third party recruiter or service, call them right after the interview

The advantage to having someone else on your side is that a lot of the interview follow up work is going to happen through them. Call them right after the interview and tell them how it went - if there's anything you're concerned about that you didn't bring up during the interview, let them know that as well so that they can work on your behalf to get you the job.

interview follow up

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If there is another part of the job process that you need to complete or you were given any other instructions, feel free to let your consultant know that as well. They will follow up and instruct you on what to do so that you do a lot less waiting and guesswork.

Finally, don't forget to thank your third party helper as well!

Don't give up!

Our account manager recently told me a story about a candidate who didn't see his interview as an incident that went well, so he didn't even check the email he had given the company and missed the follow-up email that came later that told him how well he'd done on the interview.

No matter how you think the interview went, follow up anyway.

No matter how you think the interview went, follow up anyway. Your interest in the position matters, and if you are going through a third party recruiter, he or she can often step in and smooth things over for you, taking up concerns directly with the company if you have any.

Interviews can be stressful, and it might be your first instinct to crash when you complete one. If you have the resources (read: the time), do so. Celebrate a little. Take yourself out for that lunch or have that happy hour drink. Just remember that it's not good to put all your eggs in one basket and that you're still job hunting. When you're finished celebrating, focus on your next opportunity. Keep chasing after open positions until you've found the one that's the perfect fit for you, your career, and your lifestyle.

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