10 must-read Singapore developers' stories
By Kylee McIntyre23-Jan-2019Views 2807

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At 100offer, we hear excellent stories every day from developers, data scientists, and more. They come from different places, different backgrounds, and work in industries from banking to insurance to travel.

They work for startups and companies over a century old. Some of them dreamed of writing code their whole lives, while some pivoted into their roles when they barely knew what the job entailed. Some studied their craft traditionally, while others learned their skill set as a hobby that they turned into a career. Some studied computer science in school and found that the industry in practice was nothing like what they had learned. So while "tech talent" may be too broad a subject to pin down, there is room for all kinds of employees in Singapore.

Such a diversity and flexibility of talent is something to be celebrated, especially as these individuals work in fast-paced fields where they are constantly challenged to evolve.

Over the past several months, we have been on a mission to shed some light on these amazing people who make up Singapore's tech backbone. This mission is ongoing, because we will never run out of stories. However, we have curated together a cross-section to show a small portion of the wealth of opportunity in the city-state's businesses. It's also a bit of our love letter to Singapore's tech scene. There truly is something for everyone.

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