5 Signs Your IT Job Interview Sucks
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IT Job interview

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Sometimes it's really not you - it's them. Here are signs that your IT job interview is going south - and it's not because of you. If you see any of these things happen during your interview, consider working someone else, because they're signs of larger problems you may encounter at your new job down the road.

1. Getting into the interview was a struggle

Staying open to new opportunities is great, which is why it's fine if you go into an interview not feeling 100 percent about the company or the position - that's what the interview is for. It can't hurt. You can use it to help make your decision.

However, if there's a lot of back-and-forth during the lead-up to the interview: scheduling problems, frequent reschedulings, and an overall lack of communication, remember that for when you make your decision.

You can also subtly try to ask questions about the company's communication style - is there a group chat? How often do people check it? How much notice are people given before company events and such? Try to figure out if this is a fluke or problem - and if you know it's a small problem at this stage, it'll probably end up being a bigger problem later on. Maybe you want to consider not proceeding.

2. Your interviewer is super distracted

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FOMO - fear of missing out - can be a valuable, leverageable quality, especially in the tech industry. That's the quality that drives people to put in excellence into their work - that “hunger" that so many companies like to talk about as being a quality in their ideal employees.

However, it has a time and a place. Because of the nature of the industry, it's expected if interviewers have to take a call or two throughout the meeting, but if they're looking at phones while you're talking, or not apologizing or offering an explanation for interruptions, then that might be a sign of how much they'll value you at your new job.

It's possible that this problem may be limited to one individual, but file it away to use in your final decision about the company, if you do get to the offer stage and are considering working there.

3. Other employees, past or present, have told you to run

This includes the hiring manager. At first, this may seem a little strange - a hiring manager's job is to get skilled individuals to fill open positions. Such a person would be more inclined to upsell a company rather than talk badly about it, but it's happened to members of our team before.

Remember that you shouldn't take one person's opinion at face value, especially if you don't know him or her very well, but if you're sitting in an interview with someone who is giving you a lot of warnings - the hours are long, there's very little vacation time, the company policies are not what they seem to be, there's not really enough funding, etc. - consider yourself alerted to trouble in paradise. On the other hand, if this individual is feeling salty enough about the company to downsell it when it's part of his or her job, that may be a sign of a culture problem.

Treat it the way you would if you had heard from a fellow developer that things aren't all good - weigh it against the other things you know about the company and make your decision accordingly.

4. You're getting way too many questions about your personal life

In some countries, it's illegal to enquire about certain factors that can be used to discriminate against someone: marital status, if the applicant has children, disability status, etc. However, depending on where you are, that's not always the case.

Even if what the interviewer is asking is legal, be wary of people asking you too many details about your personal life, especially if the details are beyond what is relevant to do your job. A nosy workplace may not be your cup of tea.

5. Listen to tone - and your gut

If the interviewer strikes you as unnecessarily confrontational, rude, or un-knowledgeable - or if you just get a bad feeling from being in the interview, listen to your instincts, even if you can't completely explain why you feel that way. Maybe you're just sensing that the job is not a good fit and that it's time to move on.

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