6 Tech Newsletters Hiring Managers Should Be Reading
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Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years, your job doesn't exist in a vacuum. Keeping tabs on your industry and movement around it is essential for anyone who wants to be successful. In tech, that means keeping up-to-date on tech developments. For tech hiring managers, that means being able to talk about what your engineers are talking about. If you know what they care about, then you know how to deliver that to them in their new jobs.

Your job doesn't exist in a vacuum.

Tech also moves very fast, and there are plenty of developments to keep track of. We also tend to be busy individuals, so what do we do? There are only so many hours in the day - no matter how close to 100 percent productivity we get. So, how do we know just enough to be successful?

That's where these tech newsletters come in. Offering everything from links to the most relevant news of the day to full-on analyses of industry movements, these tech newsletters will help you keep tabs on the industry while saving you search time. They'll also lend you a hand in keeping in mind what your team members want - and how best to serve them and your company.

1. Engineering Impact

engineering impact tech newsletter

We're all used to taking a quick scan at tech news during our spare time, but what about what it takes to run an engineering team? Endorsed by engineering leaders at companies including Facebook and Uber, this GitPrime-curated tech newsletter tackles common technical problems and engineering leadership. It also shines a light on softer skills and problems like scaling up a team, managing engineers, productivity, and company culture.

Engineering Impact is free for subscribers.

2. The Daily Update

the daily update tech newsletter

Published by The Stratechery, The Daily Update is a tech newsletter that analyzes the news of the day in around 1,800 words. It sends a free article and three analyses per day, for a total of four emails. Its topics include several topics in tech and entrepreneurship, from AI to venture capital - and even Kanye West.

Subscribers can either pay $10 monthly or $100 yearly to receive the tech newsletter through email.

3. Benedict Evans

ben evans tech newsletter

Ben Evans' tech newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers and includes a compilation of articles on Internet of Things, Tesla, tech funding, mobile markets across the world, machine learning, Google, Amazon, social media, virtual reality, and augmented reality. It's a good choice if you're looking to keep up-to-date on big tech developments, with a side of big-picture analysis.

It is free for subscribers and arrives every Sunday.

4. Asia Tech Review

asia tech review tech newsletter

While the previous items on this list take more of a global view of tech, this tech newsletter focuses specifically on Asia markets. Run by TechCrunch reporter Jon Russell, the newsletter summarizes weekly tech news around Asia. This week's issue discusses Uber, Chinese startups, funding news, and more.

For those who want to discuss the news in greater depth, there is a related Telegram group.

Asia Tech Review is free to subscribe - just submit your email address.

5. Analyse Asia Review

analyse asia review tech newsletter

No bells and whistles here. Submit your email address, and get this tech newsletter that includes weekly reviews and analysis of news in Asia. Recent topics include Uber and Go-Jek in the region, as well as comparative analysis of Tencent vs. Facebook.

Analyse Asia Review is free for subscribers.

6. 100offer

100offer tech newsletter

100offer's tech newsletter covers hot topics in hiring and workplace dynamics, including how much tech talent makes across Singapore based on years of experience and hiring processes at Singapore's top tech companies. You'll also get a link to top candidates on 100offer's talent platform.

100offer's newsletter is a free monthly publication for subscribers.

What do engineers really want? Come talk to us. 100offer's talent platform puts power back in the hands of tech talent so that you can get the best tech candidates who are truly the best fit for your team. Sign up today, and ask us for a demo - we're happy to show you how we're improving connections between tech talent and hiring managers.


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