Everything You Want to Know about Singapore's Java Developers
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What does a Java developer do?

Java developers create dynamic applications and websites. Some design interfaces; others do work that's completely behind the scenes. One of the basic duties involves writing class files. A Java class file is a file (.class file extension) that contains Java bytecode that can run on the Java Virtual Machine. Java developers work at all stages of the engineering process, though: soliciting requirements, designing prototypes, and configuring products.

There are different types of Java developers, proficient in different Java systems (standard, enterprise, and mobile). JEE (or J2EE) development is sometimes considered more advanced than JSE, even though some things that must be done by hand in JSE are automated in JEE. JEE projects are often large scale and transactional.

Some Java developers advance to lead or architect positions. A senior Java developer may analyse complex problems, develop documentation, review coding, and evaluate the development process. An architect, meanwhile, directs the project at the front end.

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Is it worth learning Java?

Several developers are asking the same question. Java is an older programming language that doesn't have the sexy qualities that some of the newer languages do, but as a career skill, it's one in demand (see our salary report graph below). 100offer has several companies seeking Java developers, particularly in Singapore.

The Java language is popular for backend and Android development, so it's a good skill to have for those roles in particular.

The Java language is also not a bad one to use as a springboard for other languages.

Data from 100offer's salary report 2018

Sectors and companies looking for Java roles in Singapore

Companies in Singapore hiring for Java developers include enterprises in fintech, F&B, IT, communications, real estate, and gaming. A quick look on an open job board like Jobstreet shows that there are more than 400 openings for Java roles alone in the city-state.


Here is our in-house data on Java developer salaries.

Meetup and events in Singapore:

- Singapore Java User Group

- Singapore JVM Technology Meetup, also serves as a meetup for Scala, Groovy, and Kotlin

- Singapore Voxxed Days International Developers Conference, May 30-31, 2019

- JS.Conf Asia, Southeast Asia-concentrated international tech conference held in Singapore June 14-16, 2019

How to learn Java

Online resources:

- Udemy

Offline resources:

- G-Tec Computer Education Centre

- The Knowledge Academy

- Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer

- Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer

- TMC Programming

- Tertiary Courses

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