Forget the cover letter, here some creative applications ideas for developers
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HR managers look at a CV for about 3 seconds each. In that short time, they decide if giving the candidate a chance or not. And the bigger is the company, the shortest they spend on each resume. Creating a personalized application could help to stand out from the crowd. A customized videogame or an interactive website can really get you the dream job.


The easiest way to get your cv considered for the position is being referred by someone in the company. If you don't have existing connections, try to create some. You can reach out to the decision makers on LinkedIn or on Twitter. Invite them for a coffee and learn more about the company and its culture. This will help you to adapt your application and ask for referral later on. It's always better to get your application boosted by internal referrals, rather than just applying on the job posting page.


If you're interested in working in the gaming industry, showcase your skills developing an application videogame. Host it on a creative web domain and send the link to the company. Marius Fietzek developed this adventure game to ask for an internship. He got the job. This method can be applied to many different industries. It's always easier to get noticed if you show the company what you're able to do. And it's a starting point for your first interview with them.


Many companies are looking for data engineers and data scientists, but the competition is getting higher and higher for candidates. You should be a little bit creative in order to stand out. For example, you can target a specific company and create a visualization of their public data. Imagine Twitter is looking to hire, you can analyze the conversations about the company of the past year on the platform. Then you can just email them the link, or try to make it viral. You'll learn a lot in the process about the company itself and you can use this information during the interview.


Competitions are a great way to make you get noticed. You can choose to compete online or offline. And you will be able to include the results in your cv and in your portfolio. Often, head-hunters look for their next hire on sectorial websites. For software engineers, for example, they can browse candidates on StackOverflow, GitHub, and ProductHunt. Sometimes, specific competitions, like for example Kaggle, is a great way to showcase your skills to potential employers.


Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to really catch the attention. This is what Adam Pacitti did when he was looking for a job. He spent his last 500$ on a giant billboard. It simply said: “I spent my last 500$ on this billboard. Please give me a job.". It was very direct and he uploaded a funny video cv on his website. Another option is to send something to the HR manager or the team lead in order to be noticed. Some people printed their CVs on chocolate bars, cereal boxes, cups, and whatever else might be related to the job. Try different things, as long as it has a correlation to the job you're trying to get.


This option requires way less effort than the others, but it's quite effective as well. You can use industry-specific marketplaces, like 100offer, in order to get in touch easier with the companies you're interested in. Usually, they help you match your skills with the requirements of the companies. You'll get only highly qualified interviews for the kind of job you want and they'll help you in the process.

These are just some ideas on how to get noticed by your dream company. Be creative, but remember to keep it relevant. And deliver something to highlight the skills you think the company might appreciate. If they don't hire you in the end, maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive a call from a similar company you didn't even consider. Be open to all the possibilities!

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