Creative hiring ideas to attract the best candidates in the market
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creative hiring ideas

Hiring the best talents is always hard. You're competing with big attractive companies that offer great salary packages. And there are so many companies out there that you have to find a creative way to attract the people you want to hire. Having a good employer branding and a clear company culture helps, but sometimes it's not enough. You should be more proactive if you want to grow your team with skilled talents, especially if you're looking for IT staff. Here are some tips and case studies to inspire your next hiring strategy.

1. Create a pipeline

Even though you're not hiring right now, you should know who you'd like to hire in the future. Search for potential candidates, start creating a relationship with them and keep in touch. When you have finally the perfect opening for them, you can always reach out to offer them a job. Don't be afraid to re-contact old candidates you didn't hire at that time. If you treated them well during the hiring process, they will be more than happy to join the company.

2. No cover letter, ask questions instead

Cover letters are a hassle for both candidates and hiring managers. It takes time to write them, it takes time to read them and often they don't give very useful insights. You know your company and you know exactly what you're looking for in your employees. Ask specific questions in the application process. If your utmost priority is team management, ask a specific question about that. If you're looking for an independent person, ask about a project s/he took care of from the start. Be creative, but specific.

3. Organize a competition or a game

There are so many examples of good competitions. I'm not talking about a hackathon, even though that could also be an option. However, make sure you're not asking work for free. That could backfire very badly and it won't attract top talents. You can take inspiration from

Quixey, which asked the public to fix a bug in 1 minute and win 100$. The initiative ran for a month and they got exclusive access to a great pool of candidates.

CCHQ, instead, organized an online treasure hunt in order to find the best candidates to protect the UK against cyber attacks.

4. Use hidden messages

Partner with tools or websites your targeted audience uses on a daily basis to publish your job there. Some companies partnered with a video game provider to hid their message inside the game, another change the lorem ipsum text used by designers all over the world with their job description. The communities you can look at if you're hunting for software engineers could be StackOverflow, Product Hunt, and Hacker News, just to name a few. But you can also partner with local communities and create a specific message for them.

5. Engage the passive candidates

Some of the best candidates out there are not actively looking for a job right now. They're happy where they are, but they could be open to explore opportunities in case a good role comes up. You can head-hunt them internally or you can access external platforms, like 100offer, to search for them more easily. In this way, you'll find what you're looking for and you'll get the top candidates out there.


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