The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Star Startup Engineers
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Are you a hiring manager? A recruiter? A lone founder looking to hire some of your first startup tech talent? All you need is a few good engineers - but where do you start?

We've put together a comprehensive guide of the information we've pooled so that you can get a jumpstart on your hiring efforts. Get tips on hiring early in the game, scaling, and how to brand yourself so that the talent comes to you instead of the other way around (there are only so many hours in a day, after all).

How to Hit the Ground Running

Kick things off to a great start. Here are our tips for building culture, hiring your first five engineers, hiring overseas, and more.

Don't just build a company - build a culture

The corporate world has a bad reputation for workers for a reason. The best time to distinguish your company from one that turns everyone into a workaholic drone is now. Here are some culture code slide decks to get you started. Take inspiration from companies like Netflix, Hubspot, and LinkedIn to figure out where your startup's own voice lies - and how to get that message across to your future hires.

Start your team strong


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The same engineers that power a company of thousands aren't necessarily going to be the talent needed to power a company of ten people or less. Do you factor passion in with skills? To what extent? What kinds of learning styles do you need to look out for? How do you know you're hiring a foundational person, even this early on?

Over a hundred tech leaders weighed in on this guide, which tells you how to search for a strong starting team for your startup.

Go overseas without going overboard

Foreign talent is hard to find but sometimes necessary for a number of reasons, particularly in Singapore. Don't sweat the process - we've put together this step-by-step guide to hiring for different visas overseas. It covers fees, paperwork, and other factors that can slow down your hiring process.

How to Grow and Scale Your s Through Talent

Brand Yourself for Success

You've got your tech talent, but the tech industry is a dynamic one, and it's rarer for talent to stay in one place than it is in more traditional workplaces. Get and keep your talent, using this guide to retention. Don't spend time reinventing the wheel that you can use building on top of foundations you've already laid.

If your company has amazing branding, you're part of the way to branding your business for hires. If you're struggling with branding, this guide can help you build a brand and tweak it to appeal to hires to get you more talented hires that fit.

How to Scale Your Talent

Growing pains can do more than stunt a company's growth - it can kill a business before it reaches its full potential. Luckily, this guide introduces some techniques you can use when scaling your team, while continuing to keep your momentum as a company.


How to ID Great Talent: Cybersecurity Edition

Keep your business safe. Here are some tips on hiring cybersecurity talent that take you through the process one step at a time, including what questions to ask during the interview and the corners of internet you might want to visit to find talent that's in stealth mode (pun intended).

Stand out in a field full of hiring companies

If you're already using the 100offer platform to find pre-curated tech candidates tailor-fit for your open positions, this five-step guide will tell you how to brand your startup on the platform. Candidates have their pick of invitations, so make sure that you're showing off your best assets to your next star developers.

Want an extra boost in your hiring efforts? 100offer's tech talent marketplace is used by companies like Garena and Grab, other recruiters, and hiring managers to find curated star tech talent who work in areas like blockchain, big data, and cybersecurity. Check out our platform, and have a chat with our team to see how we can be of service for you.


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