How Singapore Airlines pushes this data engineer to new heights
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Matthieu Blais, senior data engineer at Singapore Airlines.

Matthieu's story is part of our ongoing [de]coded series highlighting the diverse set of tech talent who characterize Singapore's top companies.

Much like software development, Matthieu Blais' career has been driven by doing, trial and error. The senior data engineer at Singapore Airlines got his masters in engineering just two years ago, but it's been the internships and practical experience in school that's led him along the way - mostly.

My sister is an engineer, so I wanted to be an engineer as well.

“My sister is an engineer, so I wanted to be an engineer as well," he tells 100offer. When it came time for him to pick what he was going to do, he decided to try out different engineering fields until he found one that stuck: computer science.

During his studies in Paris, he discovered data, machine learning, and data engineering, and he settled into that, “just because it's fun."

Touch and go

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During his education in Paris, an advantage Matthieu found were his program's internships, which allowed him to explore his interests - and in his case, locations around the world. He came to Southeast Asia first during an internship in Thailand, where he was discovered and offered an opportunity in Ho Chi Minh with technology and management consultant group Amaris.

He liked it, so when he graduated the following year in 2016, he began to look once again for work in Asia and found a data engineering position at Mentorica, which offers an integrated suite of applications for retail. Mentorica works with machine learning, and offers solutions for data acquisition, visualization, ecommerce, and retail analytics.

After nearly two and a half years there, he moved again to Singapore Airlines. The airline has been making an effort to digitalize more quickly to better serve its customers, and that means utilizing a lot of data. Matthieu stepped in as one of its five data team members.

Working at an airline meant working with more people, but Matthieu found that that the independence offered to the Singapore Airlines tech team fit him well. He also welcomes the opportunity to learn about new industries, because his data skills allow him to work in several different areas, but it's the industry knowledge that he thinks will help him to improve in his role.

“I can focus on what I need to do," he says. Sometimes that means working from home or making use of the other flexible working options to improve productivity. While they do collaborate with other departments, their scope of work is very clear.

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