Singapore Tech Trends: Where we Stand and Where We're Going
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Singapore Tech Trends

Singapore's tech scene is a dynamic one, and 2018 was no different. As the year dawned upon the city-state, bike sharing companies took off already running, fighting to get as many users on board as possible - while rushing to comply with government regulations. Not every company was lucky enough to hold on, as companies struggled to hold on in Singapore and across their international markets.

Meanwhile, on four wheels, the ride-sharing competition reached a head that rocked the Southeast Asian markets. Users waited for the dust to settle - and for new players to enter the game.

As 2019 began to rise over the horizon, a different mode of shared transport entered the fray, and as escooters begin to vie for licenses, transport continues to be a spot for competition in the coming year.

Not every company was lucky enough to hold on.

Meanwhile, blockchain, the talk of the world at the beginning of 2018, slowly entered a winter during the year, leaving cryptocurrency enthusiasts scrambling to keep their funds. Singapore remains a popular spot to headquarter a blockchain startup, and while crypto fades, blockchain founders continue to try and figure out how to remain relevant - and safe - in the coming year.

As a financial hub, Singapore has always been a key spot for fintech and payments innovation. The rush to go cashless continued in 2018, as several companies - from traditional players like banks to ride-sharing unicorns - their their hats into the ring to figure out how to facilitate everything from overseas transactions to same-day payments for small businesses.

A lot of those payment transactions go through for ecommerce, where Singapore shoppers continue to distinguish themselves from shoppers around the region. The competition to become the best e-retailer has opened the doors for innovation in AI as well as improvements on ideas not traditionally related to tech. Is there still a place for brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore? Local and foreign companies played around with that concept this year.

100offer's report covers all of this and more - the top news stories and trends in hot Singapore tech markets. The best way to move forward is with a firm grip on the past, and we have endeavored to put the most important parts together for you. Let's move into 2019 together.

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