Ups and Downs of a Product Manager's Life
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Steve is a product manager in a Nasdaq-listed e-commerce company, a position he found through 100offer. Before that he had three years of experience in the same field.

A Great Start as Product Manager

Steve's career hadn't been long. But it had been successful and clearly well-planned. As an undergraduate at a top university he was already taking charge of his own growth. A meaningful internship gave him real-world experience and some pride in seeing the iOS app he worked being used by commuters with whom he shared the daily journey home.

Once he graduated, Steve went immediately to work for another company, one which he felt offered him a more structured career path. There he was responsible for a new business line. As the company was a startup with limited resources, he also had a chance to step outside his comfort zone. Product operations and marketing were among his new responsibilities.

Here, Steve felt, was his break-through chance to build something extraordinary on a mature platform, but also to polish his entrepreneurial skills. What was there to lose?

Sure enough, things went very well at the start. Steve built up the product from scratch and the company attracted investment. Steve built up his team, too. It grew to seventeen people.

After all the hard work that went into his graduation, he felt that he had made the right first step into the career he wanted and the industry he loved.

Product Manager

So what went wrong?

The first crack appeared when the company appointed a new boss, over Steve. Of course, this is not an uncommon development. Many of us will have been in similar positions. But Steve felt that the decision had been hasty. He was not consulted or informed about it, the new manager was simply imposed on him. For the first time, he felt mistrusted at work.

But the rot didn't stop there. Important performance metrics were changed, and Steve's worries increased.

He felt that the new regime was unlikely to be beneficial for the company's customers. But worse, he worried that the company's policies, especially its aggressive expansion, were destroying the work environment which had appealed so much to him when he decided to take his position as Product Manager.

"What attracted me to join in the first place did not exist anymore and I was not able to grow with the new company environment," Steve told us.

In short, it was time to move on. But what was the best way?

Discovering Steve's Best Future

Steve was referred to 100offer by a friend who had told him that not only was the platform easy and efficient, but that its people really understood the developer community.

Steve had his own talent consultant, as do all candidates on the platform.

"What surprised me was that the consultant was approachable and really pleasant to work with," Steve said.

"I really felt that she cared about me, my career and my career progression. I would recommend this service to anyone."

Of course, Steve's experience and clear, realistic expectations really helped him in the marketplace too. He received seven interview invitations in July 2016, but was selective and turned down six of those. The only one he accepted was from an e-commerce giant which he joined as a product manager in September 2016.

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