I Changed Job To Work Using Golang
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From the outside, Zhou looked like a person to admire. Nine years ago he left his home in China to major in Computer Science at one of Singapore Best Universities; one of the best in the world. He got a full scholarship, trust which he rewarded by graduating with first-class honours.

After graduation Zhou put in a year in the financial sector and another at a mobile service provider. He then went to work for one of the leading IT consulting companies. It has a very strong reputation; known for emphasis on top projects, employee work/life balance and competitive remuneration.

In short, Zhou already had what many IT aspirants would want in terms of his education and employment.

So What Was Zhou's Problem?

Well, success means different things to each of us, and we all have our own definition.

Zhou was happy enough, but he still felt there was a lot missing. His work saw him developing applications mainly for his company's clients. That was fine but Zhou always knew that in terms of complexity, user numbers and amount of data involved, they were nowhere near the level at which he wanted to work. More importantly, they were nowhere near the level at which he felt he could work.

Zhou wanted to work on applications which could potentially touch the lives of millions.


Too Far From the Cutting Edge

Moreover, all the programming language requirements he worked with were older, some way from the cutting edge. Zhou wanted to get into a world where he could get to grips with new technology such as Golang, Docker and Python. He knew internet industry was booming in Singapore and across Southeast Asia. He knew he had more to offer, and wanted to join this boom.

So Zhou Tried 100offer

Zhou received three interview invitations through 100offer. He accepted two, from companies which had both been through more than five rounds of funding. Startups, for sure. But startups with great potential.

Zhou joined one of them.

Now he can take those next steps which his old job would never have allowed him. He is using Golang, and working on applications which process vast amounts of data.

The company is developing fast.

And Zhou is developing with it.

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