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How much does tech talent in the country make, really? Where do they come from, and what roles do they take? 100offer's salary report delves into more than just surface data from hundreds of developers to add some color to those looking to understand Singapore's tech landscape.

The demand for tech is growing, and growing fast. The shortage of software developers in Singapore is no secret, and while the city-state is making a national effort to ramp up technological savvy, getting quality tech talent fast (and that lasts) is a problem worldwide. But where is this problem concentrated? What are companies looking for, and how hard is it to make it as a developer in Singapore?

A quick search helps only to scratch the surface. A survey of over a thousand individuals on Payscale shows that the median salary for a software developer in the country is S$50,678, or over S$4,200 per month. Salary.SG's survey of Singapore taxpayers shows that this is higher than 45.6% of the country's taxpayers (only those making over S$20,000 annually pay taxes), which paints a starter picture. But where is the demand specifically? What qualities statistically make one hiree a better fit over another? Which roles are more lucrative, and how does that stack up against the skillset of the available hiring pool?

100offer helps hire tech talent in Singapore - this is our specialty. Here's what we have done: We have pulled our data from the past year - roles companies look for, the types of talent they accept into these roles, average salaries, and more - and we have compiled them into reports. We want to share these on a continuing basis with the Singapore community to help us all understand the tech landscape a little better, to fuel our curiosity and help the community make decisions that benefit it.

Candidates are hired for several different roles spanning the areas of software development, data science, and product. More than one-sixth of the candidates are hired for java roles, almost 10 percent of them are hired for full stack roles. Around 7 percent take front-end roles.

Most candidates looking for jobs in Singapore are already from Singapore or have established permanent residency in the country. The second-largest cohort comes from China, where 100offer is based. Less than 10 percent of candidates come from outside either of those countries. (Percentages round to the point before the decimal.)

The bulk of developers are in the millennial generation, born 1985-1995. (Channel News Asia defines millennials as those born between 1979-2000 and notes that the bulk of the Singapore workforce comes from that cohort.)

Around 40 percent of developers cluster around the 3-6 experience range and the 6+ experience range, respectively. The rest have less experience, relatively, so tech companies are still willing to hire and grow developers.

Check below for the salary ranges for different software engineering positions in Singapore. All the salaries are in Singapore dollars, and the years of experience are divided as follows: 0-2, 3-6, 7-9, 10+.

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